Brass Riders are particularly pleased that with the XO BRASS trombones we have found instruments that significantly characterise our homogeneous ensemble sound and still give each of us the opportunity to express our individual voices.
Brass Riders


The Polish Brass Riders Brass Quartet was founded in 2019 and consists of the instrumentalists:
Tomasz Stolarczyk, Andrzej Tkaczyk, Tomasz Gajewski and Jarosław Jastrzębski. These artists are university graduates in Europe. They play full-time in various top orchestras of the country, such as the Krakow Philharmonic, the Academy of Music in Krakow or the Krakow Opera. The list of orchestras and ensembles with which the artists collaborate is impressive. These include:
Sinfonietta Cracovia, Beethoven Academy Orchestra, Sinfonia Varsovia, Polish Opera Królewska, AUKSO, Bielsko Festival Orchestra, Polish Radio Orchestra, Krakow Opera, Gorzów Philharmonic and the list goes on.
For many years, the musicians have also been active as soloists at home and abroad and are often guests at international festivals, thus contributing to the artistic development of the trombone. The band is characterised by a very broad repertoire, which is significantly enriched by Tomasz Stolarczyk's own arrangements. The unusual and very unique line-up of the quartet offers its listeners a virtuosic, voluminous sound.

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